“Shagi / Steps” the Journal of the SASH

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ISSN 2412–9410 (print)

The interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal Shagi / Steps is issued quarterly since May, 2015. It is published by the School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, which was established in September 2013 within Institute for Social Sciences, RANEPA.

The journal’s mission is to disсuss current problems in contemporary humanities in such academic disciplines as Classical Studies, Oriental Studies, Comparative Linguistics, Historical and Cultural Studies, Social Communication, Theoretical Folklore Studies, Sociolinguistics. The journal also seeks to provide a tribune for wide-ranging discussions that extend far beyond the “craft” frameworks of the School’s laboratories and potentially cover the entirety of contemporary knowledge in the humanities (that is, history, philology, anthropology, cultural studies, art criticism, and philosophy).

The journal’s principal goal is to present the results of activity of scholars from different regions of Russia and abroad. Besides papers in Russian, the journal also welcomes contributions in English; publication of entire English-language issues is also possible.

The founder and publisher of the journal is The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

All manuscripts submitted to the journal undergo obligatory peer-review. The journal does not charge any fee for publication. The style sheet for the journal is found in the section “Guidelines for authors”.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

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