Research centers

Centre for Oriental Studies

The Centre brings together both scholars specializing in classic Oriental Studies and linguists concentrating on Historical Linguistics. The unifying motto of their research activities in the Centre is „Reconstructing meanings”. First of all, this means translation, analysis, critical comments upon and thorough comprehension of the classic written texts that essentially define Oriental civilizations. At the same time the Centre harbours linguistic reconstruction research – partial reconstruction of ancient (pre-writing) proto-languages based on comparison of historically documented descendant languages of those. Taken together, this research enables us to look deep into the past and to reconstruct the causation that did eventually shape the modern day society.

The “Oriental Panorama” bulletin, a Cultural Studies commentary upon current events in the respective world region, is issued quarterly by the Centre.

  • “Oriental Panorama”. N1 (spring 2017)


Centre for Classical Studies

The Centre for Classical Studies brings together scholars specializing in Ancient Greek and Roman history and culture, as well as those who specialize in history of Classical influence upon Medieval and Modern Europe. The Centre’s research activity is related to current problems of modern Classical Studies (first of all, those of History of Classical Literature) and Classical Reception Studies. Attention is specifically paid to the topics bringing forth the connection between antiquity and modernity.


Centre for Theoretical Folklore Studies

The Centre for Theoretical Folklore Studies specializes in studying oral texts as „basic” cultural texts and in studying mythological worldview in mass conscience, politics and ideologies. The research is that of folklore and mythological traditions and ritual practices, based upon field recordings from various Eurasian regions, as well as of Russian historical and quasi-historical discourse of XX – XXI centuries. The Centre staff members assume that understanding of social processes and forms of social conscience is impossible without analyzing the cultural texts the society creates. A culture’s full and unbiased perception of its own self is the only way of bringing up a socially responsible citizen who is free of mythological phantoms and is at least partially protected against ideological manipulation.


Centre for Studies in History and Culture

The Centre for Studies in History and Culture (CSHC) traces its origins to the Centre for Studies in Humanities, which had been carrying out research projects since 2011. CSHC conducts interdisciplinary research into intellectual elites’, governmental structures’ and economic institutes’ interaction problems.


Centre for Studies in History and Literature

This Centre was founded in the end of 2016 and conducts research into comparative literary studies and historical poetics. Its primary focus are mainstream genres and styles of European literature, as well as forms of communication that provide its transnational and transregional unity.

Literary translation is the most important of such forms of communication, and the Centre’s first research project dwells upon its own historical forms.



Ñïèñîê ïóñò

Centre for Comprehensive Historical Studies in State and Municipal Management

Comprehensive Historical Studies in State and Municipal Management


Centre for Studies in Economic and Social History

This Centre dwells upon promotion of studies in economic history and social history of Russia, comparative studies in economic growth problems, technology development, political transformations and demographical changes in historical perspective. The Centre supports educational programs in Russian economic history and world economic history, providing aspiring scholars from Russia and worldwide with opportunities to conduct research in economic and social history within RANEPA.