Four-years BA program

Classroom environment

Free and paid tuition
Tuition fees – 220 000 Roubles/year
Discounts up to 20% possible

5.4 applicants per place

State diploma confirming bachelor’s degree

Army service draft postponement

Majors to be chosen during the program:

About the Program

Under Liberal Arts' College program SASH trains students to become professionals in History and Philology.

Liberal Arts is an innovative educational standard providing students with opportunity to define their field of study themselves. During their first year all of the students obtain fundamental knowledge and then get to choose a major to pursue in their forward studies.

Curriculum under Liberal Arts

During the first year of study the students share a general curriculum. Then they choose between basic majors:

Philology and Translation

major provides several possible studying profiles. Exampli gratia, the History major is divided into profiles as following: “History of law and state in Classical Era” and “History of Modern and Contemporary law and state”. Moreover, all of the students obtain basic education in the humanities during the first three semesters of study.

Unlike traditional university programs, Liberal Arts programs provides an opportunity to combine two fields of study in basic (major) and complenentary (minor) areas from the list of courses offered by the Liberal Arts Department. Students are given enough time to make a balanced decision when selecting their major, since they are required to do so not when applying to the university but after completing a set of general courses. The program structure allows students to develop personal educational trajectories and provides our alumni with unique competences.

Program Timeline

first 2 terms
General courses to obtain basic competences in the humanities.
following the 2nd term
Major selected
between the 3rd and the 6th term
Major studies
following the 6th term
Minor selected from the list of offered courses
during the 7th and the 8th terms
Writing an undergraduate thesis as the final phase of education.


What makes Liberal Arts unlike traditional BA programs?

Tutor assistance
Tutors help students adapt to the rules and values of academic life and assist them with setting their individual study plans. They also advise on matters relating to self-study, further educational and professional path.

Academic mobility (including international academic mobility)
Students are given the opportunity to study or do internships via other programs or universities, both in Russia and worldwide.

A four-year course “Great Books” («Academic reading”)
This four-years course includes reading and classroom discussion of literary works of fundamental importance. Thus students will be able to work through 20–30 books on philosophy, economics, sociology, politology and history during their BA studies.