Faculty of History and Philology ION

Specialists from the School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (SASH) participate in the implementation of educational programs within the framework of the work of the Faculty of History and Philology of the Institute of Social Sciences (ION) of RANEPA.   

Bachelor's degree

SASH experts train specialists in three classical bachelor's programs at the ION RANEPA – “History of State and Power”, “Philology and Translation” and Applied Domestic History.  Admission rules. In order to enter the “contract”, an applicant only needs to score at least 160 points based on the results of three Unified State Examinations and provide a set of documents to the admissions committee of the Institute of Social Sciences. Discounts are provided to applicants with high Unified State Examination scores. More about the admission rules →  


Program “History of State and Power”

Head: Aurov O.V. Students will gain an understanding of the general patterns of development of world history, both the West and the East, and the place of Russia in this unified process in the era of globalization. More about the program →


Philology and Translation Program

Head: Ershova I.V. Students will master three foreign languages, develop practical skills in editing, commenting and translation, and study foreign literature and culture. More about the program →


Program “Applied Domestic History”

Head: Baydakov I.M. Students, based on classical historical education, will receive the competencies necessary for a successful career as a publicist, journalist, cultural manager, socio-political analyst, and civil servant. More about the program →



Master's degree

SASH specialists have developed two master's programs at the RANEPA – “Political and cultural history of Europe” and “Socio-economic history of Russia and the world”.  


“Political and cultural history of Europe”

Leaders: Aurov O.V., Zhenin I.A., Nikolsky B.M. The master's program was created to train professionals in the field of historical and cultural regional studies. More about the program →


“Socio-economic history of Russia and the world”

Head: R.B. Konchakov The master's program is devoted to the study of social, economic and cultural phenomena that influenced the formation of the modern economy. More about the program →





Specialty “Historical Sciences and Archeology”

The postgraduate program prepares professional researchers and practitioners of public and corporate governance. More →


Specialty “Culturology”

The graduate school prepares highly qualified specialists in the humanities to defend a dissertation in the specialty “Theory and History of Culture.” More details →