School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities


School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities is a scientific and educational center within the Institute of Social Sciences (ION) of RANEPA. Initially conceived as a scientific organization, SASH unites leading Russian researchers in many fields of humanities. They also develop and teach training programs with a strong scientific and practical basis.

Science     all laboratories →

SASH is focused on fundamental humanities research. It includes two research centers, eight research laboratories and the editors of two scientific journals:

Center for Economic and Social History

Laboratory of Contemporary History
(as part of CESI)

Laboratory of the History of Military Economics
++ (as part of CESI)++  

Laboratory of Oriental and Comparative Studies

Laboratory of Ancient Culture

Laboratory of Old Russian Culture

Laboratory of Historical and Cultural Research

Laboratory of Historical and Literary Research

Laboratory of Comprehensive Historical Research

Laboratory of Theoretical Folklore Studies

Center for Theoretical and Applied
Political Science


Education     all programs →

SASH specialists train students within the framework of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs at the Institute of Social Sciences (ION) of RANEPA. The teaching activity is based on the principle of consistent integration of science and education, which gives students the opportunity not only to look into the scientific “kitchen”, but also to become involved in active and exciting research work. To date, the following areas of training have been developed and launched:

Bachelor's degree

   “History of State and Power”
46.03.01 History
Further →

   “Applied Russian History”
46.03.01 History
Further →

“Philology and Translation”
50.03.01 Arts and Humanities
Further →

Master's degree

“Political and cultural history of Europe”
46.04.01 History
Further →

“Socio-economic history of Russia and the world”
46.04.01 History
Further →


“Historical Sciences and Archeology”
5.6. Historical Sciences
Further →

5.10 Art history and cultural studies
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People     All employees →

The SASH team includes the strongest Russian researchers and teachers.

Николай Гринцер

доктор филологических наук, профессор
Директор ШАГИ
зав. лаб. античной культуры

Федор Успенский

доктор филологических наук, профессор
зав. лаб. древнерусской культуры

Андрей Десницкий

доктор филологических наук, профессор
в.н.с. лаб.

Андрей Зорин

доктор филологических наук, профессор
г.н.с. лаб.

Сергей Неклюдов

доктор филологических наук, профессор
в.н.с. лаб. теоретич. фольклористики

Ольга Половинкина

доктор филологических наук, профессор
преп. каф. истории и теории литературы

Structure SASH

SASH are part of the Institute of Social Sciences of RANEPA as a separate scientific and educational center.

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Staff from all laboratories participate in the creation of educational programs and teaching. SASH educational programs are not associated with a separate laboratory. Employees from several laboratories can work within one area of training.  

History of SASH

September 2013
A new research unit has been organized at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA): School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (SASH).
May 2014
Enrollment of students for the Liberal Arts undergraduate program is open.
September 2014
The training of the first group of students in the areas of “History” and “Arts and Humanities” has begun as part of the Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.
June 2016
SASH becomes a scientific and educational center.
September 2016
The training of students in the direction of “Philology and Translation” has begun.
November 2016
Creation of a laboratory for historical and literary research.
June 2019
Creation of a laboratory of ancient Russian culture.
June 2022
Creation of the Center for Economic and Social History (CESI).
December 2022
Division into SASH and Faculty of History and Philology.
July 2023
Appointment of I.A. Zhenina acting director SASH.


The original composition of SASH in 2013:

Андрей Зорин

доктор филологических наук
Научно-исследовательский центр историко-культурных исследований

Сергей Неклюдов

доктор филологических наук
Научно-исследовательский центр теоретической фольклористики

Георгий Старостин

кандидат филологических наук, доцент
Научно-исследовательский центр востоковедения и сравнительно-исторического языкознания

Владимир Спиридонов

доктор политических наук
Научно-исследовательский центр когнитивистики

Максим Крогнгауз

доктор филологических наук
Научно-исследовательский центр социолингвистики

Николай Гринцер

доктор филологических наук
Научно-исследовательский центр антиковедения


    11957, Moscow, prosp. Vernadsky, 82, building 9           +7 (499) 956 96 47           shagi-ion@ranepa.ru