About SASH
School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities

School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities is a research and education ๑enter on School of Public Policy (RANEPA). First created as a research organization SASH has gathered the best Russian researchers and teachers in humanities. They develop and maintain teaching programs with a strong theoretical knowledge and practical base.
Nikolay Grintser
Nikolay Grintser
Head of SASH
<p>Classical Philology</p>

SASH's specialists work in LIberal Arts structure.

Liberal Arts multi-disciplinary undergraduate program provides an opportunity to combine two fields of study in major and minor areas from the list of courses offered by the Liberal Arts Department. Students are given enough time to make a balanced decision when selecting their major, since they are required to do so not when applying to the university but after completing a set of general courses.

At the moment we have 2 programms.

Philology and TranslationPhilology and Translation

Science and Education Departments

SASH has 7 research centers:

Center for Oriental Studies Center for Oriental Studies
Center for Classical Studies Center for Classical Studies
Center for Theoretical Folklore Studies Center for Theoretical Folklore Studies
Center for Cultural Studies Center for Cultural Studies
ัenter for Historical-Literary Studies ัenter for Historical-Literary Studies
ัenter for Comprehensive Historical Studies ัenter for Comprehensive Historical Studies
Center for Economic and Social history Center for Economic and Social history

History of SASH
September 2013
School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities was created.
May 2014
Application for Liberal Arts started.
September 2014
First groups of Liberal Arts' students were admitted.
June 2016
Developing of SASH as a research and educational center.
September 2016
Students for “Philology and translation” major were admitted.
November 2016
Center for Literary-hitorial studies has been created.